Illustration of team building website


Why do you need a website?

At its most basic, a website provides an online home for your business or organisation. It provides a focal point for search engines to find out about what you do and allow visitors to contact you and find all your social media platforms.

Of course, a website can be much more...

Simple website

Sometimes what a business needs from the web is a simple professional online presence where people can find out about your business and the services you offer, and get in touch with you.

Perhaps, most of your interaction is through social media but you don't want to alienate those users who are not on the same platform but might still be a good customer. How do people who don't use social media find you and contact you?

A website can offer a simple contact form that goes to your email address. If you do lots of updates on social media and don't want to update a website too, it should be possible (depending on platform restrictions) to embed your social media page feed in the website so your visitors to your website can see your latest news.

Using open source web frameworks I will create a simple responsive website. You can either take this and host elsewhere, or we can host this for a very reasonable rate including any minor updates.

Content Managed Website

Where you need to regularly update content such as news, blogs, events, service information or other information you provide to a wider audience, then a content management system will make this much easier than manually editing the pages of your website.

I will help you structure content and data on the web so users can find the information they need in the structure they need it and in an easily maintainable structure.  Whether it is the relationship between content, events, news and blogs; or a niche dataset that needs to be easily accessible to your users, I can help.

Working with open source content management systems such as Backdrop CMS I can create a rich user experience enabling your users to find all related content easily and your team to easily update it, create new content and structure pages as required.

Backdrop CMS

System Horizons specialises in working with Backdrop CMS. As an active contributor to the project, I have a strong understanding of how the flexibility, extensibility and configurability can be leveraged to create great web sites with a rich content experience.

Whether it is a new Backdrop site, an upgrade from a previous site on a different content management system, or working to deliver functionality or style on an existing Backdrop site, System Horizons can meet your Backdrop related needs.

Support and Maintenance

Websites need maintenance; whether it is simply updating content on a static site to keep the content up to date, or whether it is new versions of the software that powers your website.

You may also need help to do something on your website that goes beyond what you're comfortable doing yourself.

I can offer a range of options for support and maintenance, from ad hoc support when you need it to monthly or annual plans that give you certainty of costs for an agreed level of service. This gives you assurance that your site will remain secure, take advantage of new features, and that it can adapt to your changing needs.

Whether it is on your own hosting, or on our hosting, we can support your website for the long term.

Search Engine Optimisation

I don't offer any magic search engine optimisation that will guarantee to get you on the first page; I will simply ensure that the key information about your business and website is structured in a way that meets the needs of search engines and those who find your site through a search engine. Incidentally, this will also help visitors to your site to find what they are looking for.