Backdrop CMS logo and mascot - Dragon Drop


Backdrop CMS is a powerful and modern content management system that allows web owners to create a rich content experience for their users. Content can be collected, joined, displayed in different ways and presented to different audiences, whilst still maintaining performance and security.

Backdrop CMS is a fork from Drupal 7 so anyone familiar with Drupal 7 will find it relatively similar to use. However, with a strong focus on user experience, it is also easy to use for those new to content management systems.

Drupal 7 to Backdrop CMS Upgrade

System Horizons can help you migrate your Drupal 7 website to Backdrop CMS.  Whether it is done as an upgrade, or whether the Drupal content is migrated to a new Backdrop CMS website, I will work closely with you to optimise and manage the upgrade and ensure it is a success.


Whether it is creating a sub-theme from an existing contributed theme, or implementing a design from a graphic designer, System Horizons will work with you to realise your vision for how your website should look and feel, whilst ensuring the content works well across different device sizes.

If you don't have a graphic designer, I have graphic designers I can refer you to or sub-contract with.

Module Development

System Horizons has experience in porting Drupal 7 modules, creating new modules and creating new features or fixing bugs on existing modules. If you need a module that is not yet available for your project, ask us.


If you have a new or existing Backdrop CMS site and you are doing most of the work but you are having an issue that you cannot resolve yourself, System Horizons will look at it for you.

If we can fix it, we'll give you a price and you can decide whether or not to go ahead.  If we can't fix it, there is no charge!