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Whether your business application is for internal use, wider membership use or open to the public, System Horizons will help you find the right solution for your needs. I will explore your needs and help you find the right solution, whether that is configuring an existing tool to your needs or custom building a solution.

A business application, whether for a business or non-profit purpose, is a system that supports a business operation or function. I am passionate about solving problems and developing solutions that really add value to business functions.

Sometimes the boundary between your website and a business application can be blurred or non-existent if your business application needs to work as part of your website. I will help you find the right level of integration for your business.


Improve performance

Using a business application can help you realise the following performance benefits:

  • Analyse your recorded data to find ways to improve your processes
  • Focus on activities with the biggest impact
  • Keep track of all activity, ensuring jobs don't fall of the radar or customers aren't neglected.

Improve efficiency

Using a business application can help you be more efficient by:

  • Make it faster and simpler to record information.
  • Reduce duplicated effort of recording the same information multiple times.


Web Applications

When you need a web enabled system to support a business or organisational purpose you have a few options:

  • You can look at commercial web applications; in some cases they may have a free tier that may meet your needs. 
  • You can look at open source solutions; these are normally free but there can be paid supported options, or you may need some expertise to help with installing it and configuring it to meet your needs.
  • You can also look at commissioning a custom built solution that is optimised for your needs; this can be built using frameworks and modular systems to get you what you need quickly and at a cost effective price.

A web based business application can have several benefits over desktop software or a solution built using Microsoft Office:

  • A single responsive web based application can be used across mobile, tablet, PC as well as across Android, Apple, Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Web user interfaces are easier to make accessible than desktop software.
  • Deploying bug fixes, new features and new releases is much simpler than having to update multiple instances of software across multiple device types.

Office Applications

Office Applications, using Microsoft Excel and other Office software can be a cost effective way to get the functionality you need using software you already pay for and harnessing the existing functions of that software.  Sometimes the best solution to a small problem may be a spreadsheet that is well designed, easy to use and has a few powerful features.

A solution based around Excel may have the following advantages over a web based solution:

  • Bulk data entry can be easier to implement and more intuitive.
  • Calculations can harness Excel's powerful functions
  • Data from multiple files can be easily imported.
  • Dashboards can be built quickly to provide insight on activity and performance
  • Data can be output in the required format for import into other systems.

System Horizons can build spreadsheet solutions to meet your business needs and where code is needed, this can be signed to allow it to be trusted.