Illustration of finding solutions to problems


With experience both delivering IT solutions and representing the customer as the product owner, I can offer you an informed opinion about your needs. I don't start with a pre-conceived solution to sell you, but will seek to help you find the right solutions for your needs, even if that is not something I can deliver for you myself.


Discovery, whoever completes the development of your project, is an important stage to ensure the scope of your project is fully defined. With expertise and experience in business analysis, I can work with you to understand what you need and want to do and how "done" will be measured.

Whether this is a discreet discovery phase before the project I deliver or a discovery task to enable you to approach the wider market with clearly defined project requirements, I can support you with a range of techniques including workshops, 1 to 1 discussions, observational analysis.


Whether you need your requirements documenting in a more traditional requirements format or as agile user stories with acceptance criteria, I can produce detailed documentation either in Microsoft Office documents or on an online tool. Written requirements can be supplemented with visual representations including, but not limited to, mockups, data models, use case diagrams, business process diagrams.


There is no one size fits all option for all businesses. The suitability, or not, of any particular option needs to be assessed using your own particular circumstances. Working with you, I will identify and measure the key metrics that will enable you to objectively assess the different options available to you. I will produce a detailed options analysis that will give you the basis for evidence-based decision making.

Landscape Review

Do you know you need help with your IT but don't know where to start? We'll start with a discussion up to 2 hours to understand your organisation, how you currently handle your different types of data and communications, and what your challenges are. I'll then prepare a brief document outlining your current data and IT landscape, the brief possibilities that can help you improve your efficiency or performance, and the rough scale of costs you can expect.