Whether consumer, business, or non-profit organisation, we don't buy software or hardware just for the sake of it - we buy IT products for what they can do for us, for example, to improve efficiency, automate repetitive tasks, produce professional material, improve sales or awareness of our services.  Technology is a means to an end, not an end.

In the same way, System Horizons is not about selling you a product or a service, it is about supplying you a solution to your business needs. Not all companies need a website - perhaps you just need effective templates and office systems.

Your business may already have a website, but is still using an AOL, Hotmail or broadband supplier email address, undoing the professional image you've created with the website. System Horizons can help you implement the email tools you need to maintain a professional image.

Alternatively, maybe your current website lacks the functionality you need to run your organisation and work with customers.  Perhaps you have to pay for updates to images, settings or text?  A Drupal website built and configured for your needs can leverage a wealth of open source modules to meet a diverse array of use cases, whilst allowing you to update your content, key data and images without the need  to pay a developer.

System Horizons will work with you to identify what your organisation needs, what your options are to address your needs, and implement the most cost effective package of tools and services to meet your business needs.  Services available from System Horizons include:

  • Development of Drupal web applications
  • Maintenance and management of Drupal websites
  • Implementation of email solutions, including Google Apps
  • Implementation of other open source web solutions
  • Development and deployment of Office automation solutions for Excel, Access, Outlook and Word, using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).
  • General IT support and advice including small networks, and advice on suitable Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS), freeware and open source software

Where System Horizons is unable to provide a service to you, we can still help you to define what you need from a service to enable you to effectively procure it with greater certainty of costs.