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This website is owned and operated by System Horizons Ltd.  This page explains what information is collected when you use the site and what is done with it.  It also explains how I treat your personal information if you decide to work with us.

Information collected when you use the site


Anonymised visitor data to track usage is collected using the open source Matomo application, hosted on this server. It is set not to use cookies and settings are optimised for your privacy.

How I handle your information if you work with us

Collecting information

If you request a quote or further information I will need contact details from you which I will use to contact you, send you a quote or more information.

I will need details about your organisation, the type of clients you work with and the problem you want me to help you address.

I may need additional information from you to invoice you and also to implement solutions.

Storing information

All information will be stored securely in password protected systems with strong passwords.

Processing information

I will use information to:

  • contact you
  • create proposals
  • create solutions
  • send invoices
  • call you or to arrange meetings
  • fulfil financial reporting requirements for my business

Deleting information

I will review information I hold about you at the end of each calendar year to determine whether it still needs to be kept or if it can be deleted.

Requesting information

If you ask to see the information I hold about you, I will first assess the request to see whether a fee needs to be charged, and will also confirm your identity and that it is actually you making the request.  I will then, subject to the above, provide the information within a month or if it is complex, I will let you know expected timescales.