Using open source tools and frameworks, I will structure your content and improve the usability of your website to make connections between related content and put the information your users need at their fingertips.

I bring together experience of creating a rich user experience with the ability to join data together in a way that makes sense.  A structured website enables you to deliver what your audiences need:

  • Users, including those with accessibility requirements
    • Members who will access data for one purpose
    • External visitors who will access another view of the same data
  • Machines such as search engines who will access to help users find what they're looking for

Data Driven Websites

I will help you structure content and data on the web so users can find the information they need in the structure they need it and in an easily maintainable structure.  Whether it is the relationship between content, events, news and blogs; or a niche dataset that needs to be easily accessible to your users, I can help.

Working with open source database tools including Backdrop CMS I can create a rich user experience enabling your users to find all related content easily.  For anyone who has not heard of Backdrop CMS, it is based on Drupal 7 (which reaches end of life in November 2022), and is a great Drupal alternative, particularly for small and medium sized businesses and charities for whom the requirements for Drupal 9 (note Drupal 8 has reached end of life) are beyond their budget.  This website is built on Backdrop CMS.

If your needs are simpler but still need data capturing and presenting, we can explore other options using open source web technologies to create a user friendly way to collect and display data.

Booking System

Using the open source "Meeting Room Booking System", we will configure your booking system to meet your needs and offer you a range of options for hosting. While room booking is the core purpose, a wide range of things can be booked from gym spaces, vehicles and even appointments; we can customise to meet your needs.

Simple Homepage

Using open source web frameworks we will create a simple web page.  You can either take this and host elsewhere, or we can host this for a very reasonable rate.

Online Tool Configuration

Are you wanting to use an online tool, whether paid or free, but struggling to select the best tool for your needs?  I can help by evaluating your needs against the market offerings and helping you find the right tool for you.

I can help you understand the configuration options and find the best way to set it up for you.