Technology was not the focus of my studies or my early career. I studied Countryside Management and worked in public rights of way and rural development. However, technology was an enabling force and I identified ways to improve processes, make jobs easier through the use of technology.

Business Intelligence

Technology became the focus of my career in 2008 when I took on a new role leading a team responsible for producing statutory reports and management information. In addition to developing solutions to integrate data from both local and national sources, I transformed the team from just being responsive to being proactive; from delivering reports to developing intuitive business intelligence products that focussed on key business questions and provided actionable intelligence for areas that needed work.

Business Analysis

In 2014, I shifted focus again to the field of Business Analysis; helping users and business stakeholders to articulate their requirements to developers and ensuring that the requirements were delivered. I started with a system for the Civil Service and partners to manage European Structural Funds before moving to the police to work on systems there from customer contact systems to internal systems and intra-system interfaces.


Throughout this time, since 2001, I had built a small business developing websites. I started with basic websites, some voluntary and some paid, and progressed to more complex websites.


I enjoy business analysis but there is always a part of me that enjoys creating technical solutions from end to end. In my roles, as my expertise in Excel and databases was recognised, there was always opportunities to develop solutions. This scratched the itch, but eventually I wanted to swap the mix so development was a greater focus and business analysis a smaller focus. In 2021, I moved to working full time in this business.