Excel Solutions

Microsoft Excel is a powerful program, putting extensive analysis capabilities at the fingertips of the most novice user. However, Excel can do so much more that in the hands of an experienced practitioner. Excel is naturally at home analysing data, generating charts and tables to present your data to the world. Yet, how many times do we see data presented using the default Excel presentation? Not particularly attractive is it?

Sometimes, the charts don't tell you very much or are difficult to interpret, yet with business analysis and business intelligence expertise and a strong eye for clear design, Excel charts can be built that don't look like they were built on Excel, but cleanly and clearly deliver the data required to make informed decisions. In many organisations, Excel is the only data handling application available due to the need to control costs, or Access is limited to a few key individuals. With a bit of work, Excel can make a front end for basic data collection and even store the data on a shared environment.

From necessity in various roles, I have deployed network wide Excel solutions, allowing multiple users to create and edit data, whereas the native Excel shared spreadsheet function very quickly causes corruption. For repetitive tasks, advanced validation, or simply the goal of a fool-proof spreadsheet, a little automation or some advanced formula solutions can go a long way. With several years of extensive and intensive Excel experience, System Horizons can help you meet your business needs.