Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence, Management Information, reporting. Whatever it is called in your business or organisation, it's all about helping you make informed decisions based on the data you gather during the course of business. In all areas of business, including charitable activities and non-profits, the key to building useful business intelligence is to start with what question you are trying to answer: For business

  • Which product/service is the most popular?
  • Which product/service is the most profitable?
  • Who is my best client?
  • Are we busier than last year?

For non-profits

  • Do project officers have similar case-loads?
  • How many service users have we supported?
  • How many bed-nights have we provided this year compared with last year?
  • Are we busier than last year?

System Horizons can help you determine the key questions you need your business intelligence to answer, build the systems to collate your reporting data, or even capture it, and build the reports themselves. How a report is presented may vary from audience to audience, and depend on the focus at one particular time. Although anyone can get Excel to throw out a chart, the difficulty comes in presenting a lot of data in an easy to understand format. This takes a bit more time and a bit more expertise. From building professionally presented charts and tables that can be used in reports to dashboard reports and dynamic report building tools, System Horizons can support you. Using Excel, Access or even Qlikview (Qlikview Personal Edition is free for a single standalone copy, though the reports cannot be shared between machines, so this may be suitable for sole traders or businesses where just one user produces reports.) System Horizons can also offer Certified Advanced Cognos Report writing, using your existing Cognos installation to analyse your data and support you in developing a strong understanding of your business.