C&M Ministries

C&M Ministries required a website to showcase the lifetime ministries of Cliff and Monica Hill.  While work had started on this in WordPress, the current developer was unable to continue and the nature of WordPress made it harder to provide the linkages between different related types of information such as Testimonies, Resources and the ministries they related to.

Backdrop CMS was used to provide these linkages using the functionality out of the box, but many custom features were incorporated to meet the needs:

  • A custom theme to match and build on the WordPress design, which the client was mostly happy with
  • Custom modules to provide filters for magazine archive listings
  • Custom content privacy modules to make content selectively visible.
  • Two modules ported to improve the usability for editors
System Horizons have recently redesigned our website. Martin has been really helpful, listening to our requirements and designing a site that not only meets our needs but is really easy to update, even for a non-techy like me - and Martin provides good and prompt support whenever we need it. Very happy with our experience.
C&M Ministries