‌‌‌ Data collection

Accurate and timely collection of data is key to enabling later stages of data handling.  The most important factors is supporting the collection of data are:

  • Collect the right data
  • Collect the data as close to the event as possible
  • Make it as easy as possible for users to provide the data
  • Capture data in the right structure for later use

I will work with you to optimise your data collection to collect the right data efficiently and accurately.

Data storage

Finding the right location and method to store your data will ensure you don't lose data but can access it when needed and perform analysis as required.  I can help you explore the factors that will influence your choice of data storage solution and help you select the right platform.

Data transformation

Data from source or legacy systems are not always in the right format for your current system or to enable analysis.  I can work with you to identify solutions that will transform data either on an ongoing basis or as a one off exercise.

‌‌ Data automation solutions

Importing and exporting data manually can be a regular drain of the time of your workers.  I have built a number of solutions for automating data import from databases, other spreadsheets and even data received via email.  While it is not always possible to automate every step of a process, it is often possible to automate a large proportion and simplify the manual steps.