An example project (solar powered water pump) of Practical Action with logo overlaid
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Practical Action, 2022

From first hearing about Practical Action several years ago I've been a big fan of their approach.  They look to find appropriate solutions to the contexts in which they work.  This is often intermediate technology that can be deployed by local partners and, with training, be looked after by the communities that benefit.

There is no one size fits all approach, but learning from one area can benefit others and where similar situations.  Projects have a wide range of applications but are all about helping people to help themselves:

  • Access to water
  • Sustainable farming
  • Safer cooking
  • Transport solutions
  • Safer handling of waste
  • Remote energy solutions
  • Resilience against flooding and drought
  • Communication solutions

"Development solutions suited to context" is one of the core principles that Practical Action works on and is one of the key principles of System Horizons.  I often like to link the income source to a cause and Practical Action is a good fit for the way I work and the things that I care about.

To find out more about Practical Action, visit their website